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2022 Newsletter #4

Updated: Apr 19, 2023


T-14 days to Recce Raid D-Day! We had our fair share of rain in the Recce Raid operating zone during the past couple of weeks, but luckily no flooding. We will assess the routes once the forestry roads dry out and trust that no last-minute route changes will be required. Enjoy the final days of the April silly season. Use the time to sharpen up your fitness for an adventurous and fun packed weekend for the whole family in a fortnight!

Entry Closing Dates

Ultra-endurance athletes must note that the deadline for entries is Saturday night. This applies to the following events:

The marathon events will close one week later as per the schedule below:


Kindly ensure your entry is in and paid-up by the closing dates. We will not be able to accommodate late entries due to supply chain and logistical constraints that late entries entail.

Our timekeeping partner BoutTime will accommodate late entries and the sub-marathon and fun events will be open until an hour before the start of each event on Saturday May 14th. There will be an additional cost of R50 per race-day line entry.

We shared the detail for the online race briefings, registration times and starting times and venues for all events in Newsletter 3. All the newsletters are available on our website

The eRace Packs will include detailed maps to and from the Support Points (i.e. registration, start, lodges, etc.), as well as no-go areas or routes where only race crew will be allowed. These will also be shared and discussed during the online race briefings.

Registration & Start Venues

Riders and trail runners should familiarize themselves with the registration and start venues for the various events. These will also be addressed during the race briefings.

The registration and start venues for the MTB events are as follows:

The registration and start venues for the Trail Running events are as follows:

Directions to and from the Registration & Starting venues

We have prepared several Google Maps to assist participants, supporters and crew with navigation between the various venues, as well as access and egress routes. These will be shared as part of the eRace Packs after the weekend.

Please see these maps attached below to aid navigation between Dullstroom and the Registration and Starting points of the ultra-endurance events:

Dullstroom – Kaapsehoop Horse Trails:

Kaapsehoop Horse Trail to Sappi Training Centre, Ngodwana

Dullstroom to Tranquilitas, Waterfall Boven

Transportation between Dullstroom | Kaapsehoop | Waterfall Boven

Various participants enquired about transportation support between Dullstroom and Kaapsehoop / Waterfall Boven (Tranquilitas). As advertised, the Recce Raid ultra-endurance events are idyllic point-to-point epics that start in the Lowveld area (Kaapsehoop) and end on the Highlands (Dullstroom). Participants need to take care of their own transportation to and from the registration, starting and finish venues.

From the Recce Raid organiser’s side we will only be able to extract DNF participant from the field, transport them to a Support Station and from there on to one of the race hubs, i.e. Kaapsehoop Horse Trails and King Fisher Lodge, and thereafter to Dullstroom. We encourage participants to explore the following transport options:

  • Ride sharing between participants: We will set-up WhatsApp groups for each event that we will use to share critical info, mostly before the event but potentially also during and after the event.

These groups will also enable participant to post questions and requests, as well as for sharing info, advise, etc. with fellow participants. These groups would cease after the Recce Raid.

  • Fetch - Dullstroom Private Shuttle Service: We engaged with Michelle Louw in Dullstroom, who offers a private shuttle service to and from Dullstroom. Here is a basic outline of how they normally operate:

- Fetch offers a door-to-door private car, with driver service.

- There is no per person charge, but rather a per vehicle – per journey price.

- They have two vehicles running at any given time: A Ford Everest, which can accommodate 6 passengers and a Ford Ranger4 passengers.

- Price is determined by distance, time of day and if they need any additional add-ons, i.e. a trailer for equipment or luggage.

Fetch has tentatively provided a quote for a one way, one vehicle trip as shown below. They may adjust this as needed. The more information that can be provided to them, the more exact they can quote and plan for your transport requirements to or from Dullstroom, Kaapsehoop or Tranquilitas.

Michelle can be contacted at 072.588.5285 | |

Race Safety & Security

Safety and security of participants, supporters and crew during endurance events have become a major concern in many parts of the country. These concerns resulted in certain areas becoming no-go zones from a race organiser’s perspective.

While the Recce Race operating zone is a mere 250 km from Gauteng, and crosses both the N4 Elandskloof and N4 Schoemanskloof highways, the routes are rather isolated and do not pass through or close to semi-urban or rural settlements or towns. This has its pros and cons, as large parts of the routes do not have any GSM coverage.

We are deploying a Community Safety System that will include some of the local landowners, private security companies, regional community policing’s neighbourhood watch and farm watch initiatives, as well as support crew, including SARZA (Search & Rescue South Africa) and ER24 EMS. These parties will have access to a Virtual Control Room that will monitor any GSM based emergency SOS activated via the Herdum User App during the event on the event routes, as well as supporter routes. Their responders or patrollers will also be directly informed via the Herdum Business App for a rapid response to any safety, medical or other emergency in the event zones.

As the areas that we cover with the Recce Raid are rather large, we have divided these into 4 operating zones as indicated on the maps below. Detail of how participants and supporters can register on the platform will be shared next week with all participants that have entered by May 6th.


1. Changes to MTB Raid 400 & MTB Raid 200 support points

Water points at all unmanned forest stations will be marked on (i) the GPX routes, as well as (ii) physical signs to and at the drinking water standpipes. These add-on water points will keep all riders hydrated without having to carry additional water on their bikes. There are about 4 additional marked waterpoints this year.

We have moved the MTB Raid 400 crate #2 and MTB Raid 200 (and Trail Raid 160) crate #1 to the Excalibur Lodge, as the accumulated climb from the Ngodwana N4 crossing will be even tougher (and a longer distance) than in 2021.

This year we also have a major feeding station at King Fisher Lodge, which is less than 25 km and only 250 m of climbing away from Excalibur. Last year riders had to rely on the cache at Lazy River for resupplies at this distance. This year riders will be well fed by the time they cross the N4 at Lazy River. Therefore, no additional crates till the Finish, but 2 feeding stations at Elandskloof and Highland Gate.

Riders can also ‘crash’ for a quick nap at Kaapsehoop (tent), King Fisher Lodge (fire place) and Elandskloof (dorm bunk beds).

To assist participants with the planning and ensure they have the ‘right’ psychological mindset during the race, we try to make it as ‘easy’ as possible from a route surface perspective. There are enough water filling opportunities along the route, every 30 to 50 km (max).

The feeding stations have been spaced out to accommodate the nutrition requirements of all riders, however, it may be advisable for the slower riders to carry some food on them to ensure they have enough energy between the different points.

It should be noted that finishing the MTB Raid 400 remains a fine balance between endurance, nutrition and mindset. Planning will still be a crucial part of the event, although, we have tried to optimize logistics for riders across the vast race distance.

2. ‘Normal’ GPS elevation vis-à-vis Barometric elevation

The barometric elevation issue – we have published a lot on this since planning the extreme elevation MTB Raid 400 race as a World First. Since beginning 2021 the 10K Everesting administration relaxed the barometric requirement for an Everesting, as it became too difficult for them to validate the number of Everesting 10K riders that apply for qualifying and entry into their Hall of Fame. Thus, we have cut a number of the ‘bad’ sections and the elevation will be slightly less than 2021, but with enough room for error to ensure all riders achieve this 10K feat.

From our research - guys like Suunto and Garmin acknowledge the variance in elevation measurements on their public platforms, even with Barometric measurements. However, we have done our best to measure every part of the route with GPS-Barometric Suunto and Garmin devices to ensure we do not fall short of 10 000 meter vertical!

We are set for an epic MTB and Trail Running adventure weekend. From the hardcore ultra-events to the family friendly 5km trail run.

We also want to thank you for being part of our event. Every km of your epic journey will add to the lives of the residents at the Epilepsy South Africa institution in Dullstroom, as well as ex-Special Forces Soldiers that require financial or other support.

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