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Recce Raid 2024

During the weekend of 4 – 6 May 2023, the Recce Raid offered trail runners and mountain bikers the opportunity to experience some of the most adventurous routes that Mpumalanga has to offer. The race organisers aimed to raise the bar and offer a world-class event.

Following many debrief sessions and feedback from our participants there seems to be a unanimous opinion: the 2023 Recce Raid offered just that - a world-class event with some of the best MTB and Trail Running routes in the country.

From the shorter Trail 6 | 12 |35 and MTB 40 | 70 events to the Ultra Trail 60 | 100 | 160 and extreme MTB 200 | 400 events, participants were amazed by fully stocked support points with all the necessary hydration and nutrition, the stunning locations, and the friendly supportive crew. Participants felt like they joined a family by taking part, and were outspoken about the uniqueness of the Recce Raid experience.

The Recce Raid organizers again made use of the Epilepsy SA facilities in Dullstroom as the main event base. They also made use of our staff and some residents for event support services such as catering, base set-up and manning the nearby Robson’s water points.

Recce Raid’s net contribution to Epilepsy SA this year was significantly more than in previous years. This was over R45,000 and consisted of the following:

Proceeds from paid services and sales
Recce Raid Participants (Donations)
Lafras Luiting financial donation (SASFA member)

Epilepsy SA appreciates these donations, particularly the substantial donation made by Mr Luiting, who has also been a regular donor during the past Recce Raids.

In previous years these proceeds were utilized for acquiring and replacing specific equipment and/or items, mostly required for administration purposes. A much-needed chainsaw will be acquired this year to assist with the invasive tree control program at the facility (and to prepare an exciting new bush trail for the Trail Raid finishers in 2024, which will also be open regularly to the local Dullstroom community).

Given the substance of the Recce Raid donations, these funds will form part of other fundraising and donations contributed by institutions such as Standard Bank and TRAC as part of their CSI initiatives. For 2023, this is specifically earmarked to renovate the Epilepsy Stimulation Centre. Between 25 and 30 residents with severe intellectual disabilities reside in this centre. These residents need to be stimulated constantly given their limited capabilities. Our donations will be used to provide much-needed furniture, eating support equipment and an entertainment room with the necessary television equipment.

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